When i pitched my idea to become a life-stylist to my husband, he chuckled and told me it was a random idea– who cares that i had finally discovered today’s version of a frosted brownie lipstick? But I loved the potential name so much that i decided to start a blog for myself and maybe my loyal friends to read. Narcissistic i am sure, but I am a thirty seven year old “girl” straddling many worlds– raising children and trying to still have a career (and thus something else to talk about other than jake’s star student award and nico’s new rod stewart hair cut,) to loving the valley and still doing all errands there but living in Brentwood, happily married to my husband for ten years but dolling up for “cougar” nights with my friends….. My list goes on – so join in and read as i help myself and my friends solve the puzzles of our current lives- both good and bad, big and small, serious and frivolous.


  1. theCHECKlist says:

    I am excited to here what you have to say…bring it on!!!

  2. adtpfef says:

    Wow. This is sooo cool. A blogging daughter. In my youth I dreamed of this but (largely because the personal computer was not yet even an imaginary figment)I dared not hope. And, now….! Omigod! Another fabulous gift from one of the loves of my life. Not sure I need to know all that much about the cougerish (puma???)side of her life, but if the Hulkster can adapt, I’m sure I can get my arms around it as well. And in these crazy times, we can surely all use some lemon-aid so I’ll be here each day, glass extended, patiently awaiting my daily pour. Love you my blogging daughter – you go Greek!

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