My friend is brilliantly talented.  She has created the most fashionable workout line of clothes.  Creatively coined “Beyond Yoga”, Jodi Guber has cultivated a lifestyle.  Most of us know and love her workout pants and tops, but it is her fabulous water bottle which needs to be introduced.  Drinking lots of water throughout the day is a must!  This is a challenging task for me as I hate to drag around bottles which leak into my purse.  Jodi came strolling into our shared pilates class one morning looking like a workout fashion plate.  Swinging from her arm was the chicest water bottle!  Pink in color and labeled with phrases like I AM BLESSED, I was intrigued.  I love pink!  I held the water bottle up and took it for dry run of a swig.  The spout was comfortable and did not leak.  As I was drinking sway, Jodi added that the proceeds of the water bottle go to Breast cancer, which happens to be a cause close to my heart.  Go to BEYONDYOGA.COM to order great workout clothes as well as this terrific water bottle.  Drinking water will be a pleasure.


  1. Danielle Stokdyk says:

    Best water bottle ever!

  2. AVID BY FAN says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! The water bottle is a MUST have!!

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