Some people just have the knack of coining phrases.  One friend, in particular, seems to get these lightning bolts of creativity often.  In this modern age of social networking, people tend to coordinate plans through email, text or facebook.  This mass email method is effective in that many people can be contacted about dates and details at once.  Usually, the hardest part of coordinating a dinner or social gathering is finding a date that works.  Introducing the phrase… THE SWIRL IS ON.  When we discuss making plans or initiating a lunch or dinner via email, the RE line reads..  everyone respond to the SWIRL.  It really has helped the “group” speed up the response time to making a plan.  Additionally, just the colorful vision that comes to mind with the word SWIRL, makes the invitees smile as it promises good times and laughter.  So, as summer approaches, be sure to SWIRL lots of meals, parties, and BBQ’S with your peeps.

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