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Gina Marí skincare

Meet Gina Marí, the face goddess!  And it doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous herself – flawless skin, youthful, dewy, and refreshed looking.  Sign me up, I want to look just like her.  I want my skin to glisten and my face to look like I just returned from holiday.

I have heard about the wonders of Gina Marí forever but never made an appointment because facials were never high on my list.  I have sensitive skin and was never excited about spending money on facials and massages.  Finally, I was convinced to spend a few hours with Gina and can not believe that I did not succumb earlier.  Her philosophy is simple: skin should breathe and the no make-up look is better.  This was announced to me as she vigorously scrubbed the foundation from my face!  Many of us feel that make-up is a necessity to cover up unsightly dark spots, melasma, wrinkles, and other imperfections. What she explained to me is that all of those skin conditions can be improved and sometimes resolved by following an individual and custom skin regime thereby removing the need to wear covering make-up at all.

After suffering from adult acne herself, Gina entered this field with the universal hope of wanting to make people feel pretty and good about themselves from the inside out.  Gina is confident that her methods can change the current state of the skin for the better.  What I loved most was that every technique Gina performed on me was nothing that I had ever experienced in any other spa setting.  More, she utilizes techniques that one can not do on their own time at home.  Each client’s individual hour and a half appointment is never the same.  Instead, Gina urges her clients to visit on a monthly basis so that as the face is changing, new techniques can be used accordingly.  While I was in her chair, Gina gave a me a sampling of many of her methods, and I walked out positively glowing.  Hopefully, I will bump into some of you when I show up for my second session with Gina.

Each specialized treatment is custom-designed to clients’ individual skincare needs, using progressive methods to erase the physical manifestations of aging and/or the effects of acne. Incorporating the most prestigious skin solutions, including LED photomodulation, Dry and Wet Dermabrasion, Pure Oxygen and more, Gina effectively re-energizes aging and damaged skin by stimulating cellular regeneration from deep within the tissue. The result is hydrated, glowing skin without an ounce of make-up.”