As my girlfriends can attest, I have always had a penchant for satin/silken materials.  Beginning with a hideous purple satin quilt given to me by my first boyfriend, I got used to sleeping with a material that keeps the body warm but  has cold refreshing spots as well.  I dragged that blanket to college and it became a sorority wide joke.  I won’t even repulse you with the scarce number of times I washed the blanket as I was on a college budget.  Post college, the infamous blanket took up residence in my first apartment.  I even think it might have scared away the booty calls.  I did not care as my blankie loved me unconditionally.  My first acting client I ever signed somehow heard about the blanket; She must have been in collusion with my roommate.   For my birthday, she gifted me with a brand new hot pink satin blanket.  I was touched and closed my eyes as I let my roommate remove the tattered purple blanket from the premises.

Years later, I became engaged to Husband.  I enlisted my ten besties as bridesmaids and for thank you gifts, I surpised them with matching personalized champagne colored satin blankets.  I swear, I could have kept the blanket maker in business forever.  (if you are reading this RR, please start making blankets again….)

Ten years later, I am married with kids and I get a weekly blow dry.  Hair texture changed dramatically after pregnancy and I simply have no control over my hair.  I always read that sleeping on silk pillowcases was like a nightly facial and the best life preserver for blow drys.  I spent months researching these magic pillow cases but was never satisfied with the ones I tried.

Until BEAUTY SILKZ…..Two brilliant girls researched and invented the best silk pillow case I have ever used.  Did they recover my purple blanket from some dark abyss and cut it into pillowcases?  Pretty damn close!  After much effort, the girls created a pillowcase made of 100% silk charmeuse which is the “best kept beauty secret in the world.”  Comprised of natural proteins and essential amino acids and a natural cellular albumen (whatever that is), the skin and hair is magically nourished.  The pillow case does not absorb moisture or night creams.  ”Instead, it acts as a natural barrier hydrating skin and hair while you sleep, unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture.  You wake up with a smoother, more radiant skin and softer hair.”  Additionally, it prevents hair breakage and thinning.  Finally, the case is affordable ($19.99), hypoallergenic, machine washable, and does not slip around the bed because one side is made of cotton.

Intrigued?  I was!  I have been sleeping on this pillow case for the last month and I am hooked.  Clearly, I was onto something back in the 80′s with my satin blanket.


  1. Karen says:

    I think I may need one of these!

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