Can’t a mommy and a daddy “play” in the playroom as well? Parents too can be obsessed with Legos and Barbies. Not likely! I heard this story last night and nearly collapsed in hysterics. It had been two weeks since the couple had knocked it out. The erratic weather caused an onslaught of ants into the home and the three kids refused to sleep in their own rooms. Teeth were brushed, the flouride was swished, the lights were off, and the kids were settled in the master bedroom. Damn those ants! Mom and Dad took one look at each other and winked. The message was understood. They were to meet in the playroom. ASAP! Missionary sex in the master bed was no longer viable. Wham Bam, they ran to slam! Five minutes later, the toys were pushed off the art table, the clothes were piled on the floor and they were going at it like wildfire. Suddenly, there was a knock at the locked playroom door. Little one was looking for mommy. “Mommy is busy,” Daddy tried to explain. “Umm, umm, We are discussing your Xmas gifts.” For the first time, the idea of toys was not good enough; the banging (no pun intended) continued. Meanwhile, the momentum was slowing. Daddy had one last ace up his sleeve…..” Son, we are cleaning the playroom.” “But Daddy, I want to clean the playroom.” WTF! Getting the kids to clean the playroom is like pulling teeth. Ultimately, the kid must have understood the message because he stomped away. The moment still hot, Mom and Dad feeling like 16 year olds having sex with the parents upstairs, turned it up a notch. Ten minutes later, the parents exited the playroom and were confronted by the one wide awake kid who was waiting to see his Xmas list. What antennae those kids have……


  1. says:

    Sexcapades.. Great idea :)

  2. TaintedSerenity says:

    yeah my kids have those special little antennae but my husband and I still like to explore our home ;)

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