I recently read an article which posed a very interesting question…”Would you be friends with you?”  I thought about the question as I read through the article.  In my mind, images of my friends ran like a slideshow.  One of the things that I am most proud of is the number of close friends that I have remained connected to since my early years.  As important as it is to be able to form new and meaningful friendships, the ability to sustain old friendships says a lot about a person.  In fact, I am always weary about people I meet who do NOT have any friends from their past.  Not to pontificate BUT.. life is long and we all travel on different journeys at different times.  In fact, my mother in law made a baffling statement to me as I was choosing my bridesmaids (11 in total that I could not imagine not standing up with me on such an important day).  She explained that a wedding symbolizes the end of your life as a single individual and begins a life as a couple where new friendships and memories are created.  It is a thank you of sorts as all of us would grow and change at different times!

As I nodded my head, I remarked that only part of what she had said would apply to me. To this day, those eleven best friends remain intimately connected to me.  As a couple, we did form many new friendships, yet I also met many new best friends from different parts of my life i.e work and mommy friends.  I adore my friends and feel grateful every day.  Which brings me back to the original theme of this post… are you the type of friend that you would want in your life and what defines a good friend.

Subscribing to the mantra of treat others as you wish to be treated, I do feel like I am true friend (correct me if I am wrong!)  I hold my friends to high standard yet I cut much more slack than I used to.  The older I have gotten, I am learning to not take so many things personally.  Shit happens and it is NOT the end of the world.  To hold a grudge (aka THE FREEZE) as Husband coined, is ridiculous and immature. Short of a friend stealing your husband, most most issues are not deal breakers.  And god help the home wreckers… Being late, flaking, neglecting to invite everyone to every event- none of it matters.  Life happens and supporting eachother when it really matters trumps all.  It is easy to be there in the good times, we all love a good cocktail and a dance party, but being there when times are tough and it seems dark and endless is when a real friend proves their worth.


  1. Maia says:

    Here Here, my friend! Xoxo

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