The other night, as I was settling into my luscious cloud of a bed, Husband started to bitch and moan, threatening to buy a new mattress.  But you can’t, I pleaded!  Not since my half air/ half water Somma bed of the late 80′s had I unconditionally loved a mattress.  As I closed my eyes that night, I replayed images of my high school bedroom and the sheer joy I had experienced when my parents had surprised me with a water bed.  What fun High School boyfriend and I had christening the new mattress!  What good times the girls had shared crank calling, singing “Lean on Me” and discussing our dream weddings.  There were no ice-blended coffees back then, just Slurpees and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.  As I type this, I feel nostalgic for the simple happy years of High School.  This is on the heels of my 5 year old vomiting all day on my special bed….  I am a Mother and damn, I love my current mattress and present day life.  Yet, there are moments when simple things like beds bring me back to other happy times in my life.


  1. Tracy says:

    Babe, you need to get a kings down. I just had the same thing happen to me with Jason and they are ammmmaaaaze. You can have your super soft side and he can have a firmer side. Haven’t heard J complain in weeks. xo, T

  2. Ali says:

    Just had to say farewell to my water bed recently & am missing it fiercely!

    Nothing like them & the memories. Used to call it my Womb with a View it was so comfy.

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