JUST pretend to enjoy it!  The other day, I was sitting “legs akimbo” on my hot gyno’s table.  He was curious what contraception Husband and I were using.  I laughed and said “Pull and Pray”  ( I pray to get pregnant, Husband prays that I don’t).  We had a good giggle and then I asked him point blank if scooping could actually knock me up.  No luck so far!  As my kids get older, I am feeling sad as my birthing years are coming to a close.  Sometimes, I feel as if my dinner table is not complete.  Other days, I feel perfectly content with my two amazing boys.  The few times that I am yearning for a third kid, I joke with Husband about the absence of my monthly friend.  He responds deadpan that he would shove me down the stairs.  The other night, in complete desperation, I offered to let him spray me anywhere (that is your mind wandering, not mine!)  Sadly and shockingly, even that potential thrill did not change his mind.  Oh well… we had fun, anyways!

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