Tis a new season, one fresh with vibrant colors and tones. What better way to embrace the season, then with the introduction of a new seasonal handbag. This is problematic in that the cost of purses has skyrocketed and perfectly good handsbags are holding prime real estate in your own closet. There are two fabulous resolutions for this dilemma. One is to go shopping in your own closet and recycle a loved handbag from your old collection. This might include a trip to the shoemaker. At the very least, an old bag can become renovated with new hardware or fresh polish. Chances are that one cool hunter green bag from three seasons ago will garner new compliments and an inquiry as to where it was purchased. Better yet, your friend might have a bag sitting in her closet that you have been coveting. Why not trade bags for a season? Recently, I lent my friend a patent navy blue tote that each time she carries, I remind her that it is on loan only. I am looking forward to recycling that bag myself. On a side note, my friend told me about a fashion challenge that girls she knew were attempting. I invite my sippers to take part….

For one month, you cannot shop. Repeating clothing items i.e the same pair of jeans is not allowed. Fresh outfits must be created on a daily basis.  Handbags and accessories are included in this challenge as well.

Have fun and send pics!

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  1. Molly says:

    Niki …loving the posts lately..yrs fresh new outfits! Xm

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