Okay guys, Thanksgiving is over and we have under four weeks to Xmas.  I woke up puffy and slovenly.  Did you feel the same?  I need a quick fix of an exercise class today to lean me up and 6 pack my abs.  Always a loyal follower of pilates, there is a new “reformer” in town and the name is “MEGAFORMER.” A derivative of Sebastien Lagree’s SPX/System Dynamique, this workout is a total-body program that melds together elements of pilates, cardio training and weight-bearing activity to create a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind exercise program.  Located in Marina Del Rey, The Studio MDR is pink (sigh..) and brown- look closely for the skulls. As Ocean air wafts throughout, Ky Evans literally screams and kicks your ass into gear. I remained sore several days after the torture, I mean pleasure.  Just check out the studio’s owner Lisa Hirsch’s perfect body!  Imagine “pilates- inspired and total fitness training”…. Sippers, are you squeezing into your leggings yet?  It is almost time for class!

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