Hurry Sippers, I am four days ahead of you.  My lashes are already blossoming under the new purple liquid eyeliner (Yes, black, brown, charcoal, bronze, and navy are available as well.)  Some people just “invent” smart.  Having tried and suffered from every lash enhancement on the market, the only thing that actually succeeds in my lash growth is Latisse.  However, it is hard to remember to apply the magic potion every night before bed especially after a night of cocktails or lash smashing sex. What’s a girl with short, stubby, lashes to do?  Ta da!  The other day, while getting my locks re-platinumized at Juan Juan Brentwood, I found myself sitting on the makeup chair of Casey Lott… the cutest Southern bell.  She was excited to show me her latest item- a liquid eyeliner mixed with Latisse.  Naturally, I was seduced and was bummed that I could not afford to buy every color.  I opted for purple, hoping to make my hazel eyes appear greener.  Sippers, I swear my lashes already look longer.  Hurry up- Lash x/ pro line by Make-up Mandy rocks my world!

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