I am sure I am behaving like an infant but Mommy has feelings too!  As a kid, I can vividly recall my parents treating my sister and I equally.  Whenever we would ask the childish question of who do you love more, the parents would laugh and say they worshipped us equally.  Not that I ever worried that I would not feel the same when I had children.  However, there is that moment when you are so smitten with your firstborn that you panic and wonder will it be possible to love another as much?  Love does not split in half, it doubles!  The heart can sing and adore times infinity.  When my second son arrived, I swooned.  I fell in love quick and hard just as I did with firstborn.  Husband and I operate in perfect harmony with the boys.  As much as I want a third, it is hard to dispute our reality that we are not outnumbered.  Each son has one of us all of the time.   However, when push comes to shove, our youngest son prefers Husband.  Don’t get me wrong, I recognize how lucky that I am (and my kids) that Husband is 100% present and active as a parent.  No matter how busy he is, Daddy puts those kids first.  It is amazing to watch.  However, the kid in me would be lying if I did not admit that my feelings get hurt when 6 year old constantly wants Daddy.  What is wrong with Mommy?  It is not a competition and nine times out of ten, I am able to push my feelings aside.  And of course, I recognize the kid is only 6… BUT it still stings.  The other day, I stupidly let my hurt show and was feeling quiet.  Husband looked at me as I lagged behind and maturely reminded me not to punish the kid.  I am the adult now.  He is right.  It won’t happen again.

image via londonnfp.com

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