Seriously, I am the asshole in this situation.  Please try hard not to judge.  Yesterday was a big event in the Lemonaid household.  The first Mother-Son House of Rock dance for our elementary school was to occur at 5 pm at a lovely Country Club.  As part of the host committee, my darling angelic boys would be helping to set up.  With excitement in the air and a nearby fully stocked candy bar to boot, the boys were hyper.  The boys and I joined their dear friend and Grandmother in the bathroom to get dressed in their matching seersucker suits and ties.  As I was organizing each boy’s pile of clothing, I realized that I had only grabbed one oxford shirt.  I braced myself for the disappointment of my youngest son when I explained that he would have to flip around his T-shirt BUT wouldn’t that be cool?  I was not prepared for his reaction!  He looked at me with tears brimming in his eyes and called me an Asshole.  I was stunned, shocked, and horrified.  Meemo, I hope you are reading this!  I demanded that he apologize immediately to the darling Grandmother!  He exclaimed that he was not calling her the Asshole, it was directed at me.  It did not help that my oldest son, his pal, and the sweet Grandmother started laughing.  Needless to say, I am dealing with this situation.  This is my confession!


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