I don’t know about you all but I suck at putting bronzer on my face.  Maybe it’s because I am so pale, but the spots of make-up on my face tend to look muddy.  I have tried millions of bronzers all which have continued to fail me.  My husband would tell me that I looked like a clown and that I should sign up for make-up courses STAT.  Then, a thought occurred to me, was the make-up brush the true villain.  I had tried all shapes and materials of brushes, none of which were worth writing home.  Until… ta da- that odd looking wide square brush instantly caused my knees to buckle out of curiosity.  One swipe per cheek and my face was like a brilliant bronzed masterpiece.  There IS a hitch though.. it is super expensive.  If I was Rachel Zoe, I could come up with a parallel universe option but, I am not.  So until I discover a great alternative, check out the Claudio Riaz instant face brush and join me on my search.  The square shape is where it is at!


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