Mother’s day is very dear to me.  As a little girl, it was the perfect opportunity to show my mom and Grandma how much I loved them.  It has become even more special now that I am a Mother.  Yesterday, after a delicious breakfast of bacon and baguette, the family relaxed around the house.  My boys gave me their beautiful cards and all was good.  My oldest son is somewhat of a deep thinker and definitely a sensitive old soul.  (Get ready girls!)  He was cuddling with me and asked my why was Mother’s Day so important to me.  Wasn’t my birthday more important?  I thought about it for a second and smiled within my heart.  Yes, birthdays for kids are THE most important, I explained.  However, being a Mommy or a Daddy or a Grandparent truly trumps any other holiday or occasion.  Mother’s Day  is a day to celebrate my most favorite role.  It is a day to be acknowledged for being what I hope and strive to be.  I explained to him how proud I was to be his mother and that nothing else gives me as much joy and satisfaction.  It is a day for everyone to sit back and appreciate and adore Mom.  I asked him if he thought I was a good Mom.  His earnest answer broke my heart into a million happy pieces.  ”You are the best Mom ever.  I love you with all of my heart and you love me for me.  I am really lucky to have you as my Mom.”  My youngest son’s poem caused happy tears as well.

“My mom is as sweet as a teddy bear. She is as beautiful as a swan.  My mom is smart like a seeing eye dog.  But, most of all, my mom is as loving as a panda.”

Ahhhh, I am so blessed!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day as well.


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