I am taking a poll Sippers….  Please weigh in.  Two kids and a long marriage later, one’s body changes and it ain’t for the better.  Look down at your saggy tits and tell me what happens when you jump on the trampoline.  Two surgeries come to mind…. breast augmentation and the one that tightens down below.  So the marriage ends and you are single and saddled with two kids and those saggy tits…. what are you going to do?  A/ Find a boyfriend who so unconditionally loves you and your floppers or B/ find a boyfriend who is willing to pay for a boob job.  The question then becomes…..  how long do you have to stay with the boyfriend who made a personal investment in your body…….. at least a year, right?

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  1. jenn says:

    wow. buy your own tits! I bought my own and owe no one! don’t stay with a guy you don’t love bc he bought you boobs. his mistake if the relationship sucks and you want to leave.

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